HVAC system calculations and designing

We engineer our HVAC system that make sense for your particular grow. Factors such as what you plan to grow, climate of where your project is established, and your budget will help us determine which systems will work best for you. Our options include: venting, air conditioning in a closed system with CO2 injecting, air circulation fans, humidification/dehumidification units implementation by the grow space needs, evaporative cooling walls (for greenhouses), electric heating coils. We use 3D BIM (building information modeling) program for accurate and efficient modern grow space HVAC design and calculation to make it money saving for our customers.

Drip irrigation and integrated dosing system design and installation

In order to achieve perfect growing conditions, grow space needs to have a suitable irrigation system or drip irrigation system that employs precision with technology that waters each plant exactly the same way. We prefere the drip system because it is scalable to any size and good for all purposes, can be automated and have better water distribution. Our options include: -Semi automatic drip irrigation system (programmed automatic watering so plant can receive the specific water at the specific intervals to get the needed water.). -Fully automatic drip irrigation system (programmed automatic watering plus automaticly maintaining nutrient and ph levels). Both systems can be scaled to any size from very small grow space to a commercial grow space. With an fully automated drip irrigation system, the equipment is completely automated and removes any aspect of human error from the care of plants. Our MEP specialis will design and addapt system for all your needs.

Grow lighting systems

In an indoor growing space, growers need to supplement the sunlight through the use of various lights or lamps. There are many different types of lamps for lighting options available to choose from. The selection of grow light systems are largely dependent on the customer preference, budget, and plant needs. Our target on every project we do is to achieve best PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) per square meter output with low electricity impute and low light loss. To achieve this we use BIM modeling to come out with the best possible lighting layout.
Our options include:
-HPS lights.
-CMH lights.
-LED lights.

Design of the indoor grow facility

Our team design and re-design not only greenhouse shapes or sizes facilities instead of being constrained to the uasual greenhouse shapes our grow space design team is only limited to the building the grow space are in outdoor walls. Modern day indoor growing facilities can take form as brand-new buildings or greenhouse to shipping containers or old warehouses basically anywhere where is roof over the head. The overall design of the indoor facility is dependent on the object that it is in, but it is also dependent on customer preference and the plants that you wish to grow in that grow space. Our professional team use CAD (computer aided drawing) and BIM process to provide schematic designs for simplifing the preliminary decision-making steps in order to provide a clear description of the project as defined by the client preferences, site constraints, system requirements, timeline, and budget.

Inventory quotation for your project and supply

After schematic design being made we are able to offer a quatation for our customer project. We have established good business parnerships with the bigsest grow inventory suppliers and manufactures in Europe as well as in Asia and can offer competetive prices for our customers. Our options include: -HVAC units and parts. -Irrigation system main units and bits. -Rolling benches. -Lighting systems, hangers, cables and bits. -Storage room inventory.

Installation services

Our team offers services in installation for plumbing, HVAC, rolling benches, lighting and more. Please contact us for more information.

Project managing and consultation

Our project managers can help to plan and organize your commercial green space building, reconstucting or refurbishing from start to finish ensuring all works been done to our customer design and specifications as well as consult customer and ensure project is going through all the steps corectly. We also have our trainned growers who are specializing at hemp cannabis cultures for CBD products, they can are ready to consult our costumers through they first steps in hemp indoor cultivation.

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